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We envision a world wherein the pristine beauty of nature is brought inside, where fine art and technology, within a proper architectural context, help to deliver the peace and balance that come from authentic experience of the depths of nature. We are committed to providing practical, affordable ceiling and wall installations that evoke the visceral experience of nature's vastness in a pure and profound way.

It is our opinion that Sky Factory's SkyCeilings and related products are not just pretty pictures, nor are they simply design elements. In the deepest sense, the imagery is not even about the sky. Rather, they are illusions of nature designed to deliver a fundamental experience of vastness to occupants within interior built environments.

Sky Factory personer

The people at Sky Factory love nature — how nature looks, operates, creates and maintains itself. We are a diverse group of people hailing from many parts of the U.S. and around the world. We get along extremely well. Getting on the Sky Factory bus requires more than just a ticket, we've had to earn (and, in some cases, make) our seats—a multi-pronged interview process, trial periods, team reviews, and consistently good work with attention to the quality of our products, our service, and our culture.

Solar Powered

In keeping with our commitment to a green and sustainable business model, in 2012 Sky Factory installed a 54kw solar array, designed to generate more than 100% of Sky Factory's power needs. At the time, it was the largest private installation in the Hawkeye State (Iowa). For more details about our solar installation, including live and historical power generation figures, are available on our Solar page.

100% Sustainable & Organic Garden

Sky Factory is located in the heartland of America—Iowa. As a tribute to all those educators, co-ops, and farmers growing food in a sustainable manner, Sky Factory operates a 3.5 acre organic farm and garden. Faith Reeves, our resident farmer and soil expert, not only teaches sustainable practices, but also grows a range of assorted veggies that Sky Factory staff enjoy as an added bonus throughout the year.

We Support the Local Economy

As a small family-owned company with deep roots in the local economy, we work with local and regional suppliers to source as many domestic components as possible. Our products are designed and manufactured in the United States with domestic and foreign components. We ship worldwide from our headquarters in Fairfield, Iowa.

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Since 2002, Sky Factory has provided factory-direct pricing around the world to the top healthcare networks, specialty clinics, Fortune 500 companies, and other built environments, including retail, education, senior care, and hospitality.

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